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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wherever You Are Is My Home

This is a closeup of the mom in my latest painting
"Wherever You Are Is My Home"
It's the second piece in a series inspired by the sweet sentiment
shared by my little Rebekah.

Click on the photo to see the whole thing!
(It's listed in the new Etsy shop I opened with my husband, Michael!)




lisa said...

linda, you are the sweetest. really. i am just so touched by your kind dear means so much to hear someone hasn't forgotten me! thank you thank you thank you! my husband thanks you too...
happy happy anniversary...what a beautiful family you have....and your new work is so heartfelt and lovely...
so, thank you for making my day!
lots of love to you...xo lisa

Lisa Graham Art said...

I really love this work...the deep hues and the sweet girl. Just so sweet.


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