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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Snapshot Saturday ~Decorating With the kiddos


Enjoyed spending our Saturday morning transforming our herb patch into an All Hallow's Eve cemetery. The kids are too cute just clumping cobwebs like cotton candy all over everything. Oh, well... there will be plenty of years for "just right" decorating when they're all grown up. For now, I love having their special little touch added to our home :)

Added Tip!!!
Next time you prune the trees in your yard, put a few large branches aside. They make FABULOUS "narly trees" to lean against the front porch or even lay down in the window box. We added some orange lights and cobwebs  because... well... you know... Our lives are run by kids. BUT... can't you just see some silicone dipped lights and gilded pumpkins? Someday!

Oh... and if you didn't get around to pruning those trees, most husbands are willing to go lob one off for you right now for the small promise of homemade soup. *Which he does NOT have to know you were in the process of making anyways ;)


vivian said...

Youre a good momma LInda! I miss my kids being little at holiday times. but now I have my little torry grandbuddy! and two more on the way!
you should show us more of your decorating!
happy saturday!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Don't you just love kids??? I love their enthusiasm and the fact that THEY think it all looks just wonderful. I have a tree that needs to come down. I'll even add some fresh, hot, homemade bread with that soup!


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