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Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm still here!!!

Many of my facebook and Etsy teammates are already aware that I've been very busy working on a new endeavor. My husband and I have always supported and assisted each other in our artistic projects. Our children have also become more and more involved in our art and music over the years. We really wanted to commit to working together, as a family. Rather then dividing our time between conflicting work, art projects, and family time, it seemed more wise to find a way to combine them all, and spend more time all working on what we love... TOGETHER :)

For "some reason", working under Linda Pinda Designs didn't mesh with everyone... LOL. So we decided to resurrect a business name we had created a few years ago for a special project. Now, we'll be offering all of our Artwork, Photography, and Music through our website and Etsy shop as Hallowed Hill. You can click on our banner to visit the site, and our Etsy shop, facebook, twitter, and pinterest links are there as well. We'd LOVE IT if you'd consider following our blog.
So.... what does this mean for Linda Pinda Designs? I'm not really sure, to be honest with you. I think I'll stay active here as well. I've made way too many friends and business aquaintances to leave it behind. But for the moment, my attention business-wise is really focussed on Hallowed Hill. I hope that you'll join me there to discover the new path we're taking with our art and photography.  Our photography has been really nicely recieved, and has become my favorite part of our new business. The family roadtrips to capture New England countryside and urban charm is my favorite family business perk! But, I also have a dining room table overflowing with clay pendants awaiting a final seal, muslin dolls with their sketched faces, and about a dozen canvases with painted backgrounds just waiting to see who or what will appear next!

Can anyone say "Thanksgiving"? Don't ask me where our guests are going to sit. Hubby's been dealing with some health issues, so that studio was pushed to the back burner, and our projects have taken over just about every inch of living space. I've got what??? Two weeks to figure this all out??? With hubby's surgery this week. Oh my. Why, oh, why did I not have a sister who could host the occassional holiday??? One's thing's for sure... Life's never dull around here!

I will share some of those finished projects with you soon! Love you all :)

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