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Monday, January 3, 2011


Yowza...  I've been trying to think of a clever way to deal with the fact that I haven't posted here since before Halloween. Should I just "fake it" and post an illustration Friday sketch as if no time has passed? Maybe no one would notice??? Or should I post volumes of information and pictures about all of the events, celebrations, and mishaps which have occured since my last post? Na.

I'm human. You know the story... Love. Kids. Sickie/Ickies. Broken Camera. Misfunctioning Laptop. Overwhelmed. Overjoyed... Life!

But this is my life too. Sometimes I think this is my "selfish" side. My art and my online community of friends are where I am "Linda Pinda", I engage in adult conversations, indulge in the many wonders of my online friends' art worlds, etc. I LOVE it here :)  And I have to remind myself that it is not selfish. In fact... I need, very firmly, to remind myself that my family needs me to take this more seriously, so that I can continue to work from home. Funny, how something doesn't "feel" like work when you enjoy it. But I do indeed need to get  down to the business of this business ;)

It's a New Year. I considered renewing last year's resolution to make art every day. Then the baby puked all over tarnation New Year's Day, and I knew God was laughing. Ok... maybe not laughing... but surely giggling a little. And so... I am giving it all over to Him. Surely He wants me to be more organized and committed to the work that I do. Surely He wants me to use my time and talents as best I can to glorify His name and help provide for my family. Surely He wants me to be SANE!!! But, alas... my life has always been most fulfilling when I have not tried to force my agenda, but follow confidently where He leads.

And so, while I have many hopes, and goals both personal and professional for this coming year, my only real resolution is to live by the following prayer:
I have found that no wiser words were ever written. And believe that it really is the answer to so many emotional, physical, and spiritual challenges. It's the secret to "letting go". It's the secret to staying strong. And it brings about such an inner peace to live by this prayer. Remembering these few words in difficult moments has transformed my life, and now I am hoping to remember them in all instances so that I can be an instrument of peace for my family as well.

"Happy New Year" Dear Friends. I am looking forward to growing with you!


priest's wife said...

Glad you are back! Happy New Year!

vivian said...

hi Linda! you know, I worked in a drug and alcohol clinic for three years (with teenagers who were using and with children of alcoholics, and this prayer was posted all over and was talked about alot. the funny thing is, I never thought about it in relation to my own life.. only to those struggling with addictions! Why did I never think of applying it to my own life? how silly of me. anyways, thanks for sharing it. Ive been struggling with the fact that I have no control over most things.. there are so many things I want to fix or change... and I cant, they arent mine to do! so frustrating!
a great prayer to hold on too!
Happy New Year!


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