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Monday, October 25, 2010

Little Glimpses

I am a very happy camper, doubly thanks to Mystele of Little Glimpse's Studio.  I've blogged before about how much I love Mystele, and her art, and her classes, and her youtube videos, and... well, you get the picture ;) Some folks just make the world a better place by being who they are, and I think she does that beautifully. What's more is how generous Mystele is in sharing what she learns on her journey of life and art. 
I've been wanting to purchase a piece of Mystele's artwork for quite some time. There was a lovely little painting that really spoke to me, and I kept visiting her etsy shop. But alas... while on hiatus, my paypal account hath dwindled, so I've been careful. One day my husband surprised me and made a deposit as a little gift. I "ran" over to etsy knowing exactly what I hoped was still there. But... Oh No!!! Little Glimpse's etsy shop was empty!!! UGH! Mystele was doing a local art show the following day. She must have taken everything out of the shop for the show!!! I could NOT BELIEVE my terrible timing. I was soooo bummed.
Well... In the following week, Mystele posted about the great show. I was happy for her, but still "grieving" the loss of "my" little painting. As one week passed into another, we (her groupies... I mean faithful followers... hee hee) began hounding... I mean requesting ;) when her shop might be restocked. She teased us a bit with updates promising a grand re-opening, and even posted pictures of some of the goodies. "My" little painting was not among the photos, so I was pretty certain that someone had taken "my" treasure home to their house. Lucky them :(
I logged onto Etsy at the time and date Mystele posted the site would be re-filled. Yep... just as I suspected. There were many lovely pieces, but "mine" was absent. "Ok... I'll just browse, and choose another".
Then "IT" happened!!! As I was browsing... I saw the painting... "MY" painting...  pop into the window of "other items offered by seller". You've never seen a set of fingers dance on a computer keyboard so fast in your life!!! LOL!
And "just like that" Mystele's painting "Winter", really did become "my" little painting. I love it even more in person, and am sooooo happy to have a special piece from someone I've come to admire so much hanging in my humble little home.
Here's a "little glimpse" of "Winter" by Little Glimpses Studio:


Now, I did mention "doubly" thanks, right? Well, one of the generous things Mystele does is offer workshops through her ning community site, Little Glimpses Studio. She also offers "mini" courses from time to time. And sometimes she even offers free tutorial/workshops to her site members! Presently, we are enjoying "Free Playtime #1".  It's such a great community, and such a breath of fresh air for me to enjoy such a splash of color in my day :)
Thank you, Mystele! And thanks to all the community members who offer so much through their own art and their own journies shared on the site.

"The world needs people who are not afraid to play their role"~Little Glimpses


Faded Charm said...

Thanks for stopping by. The WW posts can be anything white every week. Hope you can join in someday.

Take care,


Msartist said...

Lovely post. Thanks for sharing the links! I found you via the hive! Just buzzing in to say hi! Will give you a follow~ Your welcome to visit anytime! Theresa

vivian said...

hey Linda! just popping in quick, I wondered if you recieved your package from me. I was very afraid you wouldnt have it for halloween, and you probably didnt.. but anyway.. just checking!
have an AWESOME weekend!


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