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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Creative Every Day

I started participating in Creative Every Day at the end of 2009. I love that it's a low pressure challenge. But there are monthly themes and weekly challenges for anyone who wants to join in the fun of keeping the creative juices flowing. The other thing that I REALLY love about this creative challenge is that it's not just about visual art. Like many artists, I love so many ways to join in the "creative expression", including the written word. So... If painting isn't "in the muse" for that day and poetry is... I can still share what has come from my heart. I wasn't really good at connecting on a weekly basis, and I want to try that more this year. Every Monday, the particpants are welcome to link back to the Creative Every Day site with whatever they've been inspired to share. Check for more information by clicking on the link, here in this post, or by clicking the Creative Every Day 2011 Button on my sidebar. Join in the fun!

I missed yesterday's link up, but I've been wanting to make a painting for my grandbaby, Adleigh. She is soooo fun. When she visits the zoo, she is always smitten with the flamingos. Thus, Mumzie has bought her every stuffed flamingo she can find... LOL!  The other day I saw a painting of a flamingo with the same "poofy" hairstyle as Adleigh. I knew I had to do some kind of whimsical portrait of Adleigh with a "pet" flamingo. Below are the rough sketches. *Special thanks goes out to my hubster who "Oh so carefully" offered the gentle critique that flamingos legs bend the "other" way.... LOL! He makes everything I do so much more fun :)

I can already see the changes I want to make, but I'm glad to be getting in the swing of things while we're still in January ;)

Blessings... Linda

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priest's wife said...

so sweet! You are so creative- I think I'll go over to the blog you recommended to get inspired


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