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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Happy Anniversary"

26 years ago today, was the beginning of the most wonderful journey...

As with many couples who are happily married for so many years, we get the often asked question; "What's the secret?"

I typically answer that I believe there are two pillars for a long AND happy marriage... Faith and Humor.

What I am about to write certainly does not contradict that,  but I think  it's an elaboration worth sharing...

As I took time to reflect upon that picture... The very moment my young husband was reciting his vows... I couldn't help but think about all the blessings, all the fun, all the joys. But... I couldn't help remember all the tough times too... All the times we've stayed together in spite of all that sought to tear us apart. As I thought of all the joys mingled in with all the sorrows, I thought back to those vows. I thought back to what it meant "to be married" back then, and what it means now.

I cannot imagine a marriage without faith. I think of the strength and the grace that have come from the fact that our vows did not place all of our trust, all of our hearts, all of our lives in another person... but together, we vowed to place all that and more in God's care. And having drawn upon that grace every day for well... 9,460 days to be exact... THAT is the real secret.

And I thank God every day that not only has He protected us, sheltered us, healed us... but... he has kept our hearts open and that love flowing deeply... ever growing... and allowing us to learn from our weaknesses and our strengths along the way.

All that said.... a little humor still goes a lllloooonnnnggg way ;)

"I love you, Michael".

* * * * * * *
Update: My *wonderful hubby... just reminded me of  leapyears. So, my math on the days is off. (Of course, Math IS one of those "weaknesses"  I referred to earlier). It has actually been 9,466 days. "Thank you, Dear".

*adjective provided by hubby (wasn't the first one that came to my mind)

(That's the humor part... hee hee ;)... )

While I'm here anyway...

Feel free to share your "Secrets of a Happy Marriage".   Remember, this is a rated PG blog  ;)


1 comment:

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

This is so sweet and your pillars are definitely necessary. Our secrets to a happy marriage (18 years in October) are God, love, communication, and definitely humor! God has been so good as He has ridden the rollercoasters of marriage with us and have harnessed us in closely! Through it all we have truly become "One" and are best friends for sure. We grow with each stage and change and I am thankful that we do not leave our marriage at a standstill but embrace the changes and grow with them.
Thanks for sharing with us your marriage and your blessing.


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