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Friday, September 17, 2010

Another Generation of Mixed Media

My daughter, Rebekah, had to do a page for her kindergarten class' storybook. She added all kinds of photographs, journaling people, things, and activities she loves. On the back, she also incorporated an illustration. I had to crack up as she dug through my supplies and found all matter of "sparkle"! She's my girl :)

She's got pencil, crayon, glitter, stickers, and gems going on in this picture. (I had to cut off her gem supply, or I'm not sure any of her other work would have still been visible... LOL).

This is where it all starts, isn't it? Just expressing what's inside of us with visual mediums... Funny how confident she is.  She doesn't compare her work to others. She doesn't even say "I want to be an artist when I grow up". She says; "I'm a great artist, huh mom".

We always ask children what they want to be "someday". Not necessarily a bad thing. It's good to have goals. But it's no wonder we put so much off for "another" time... "another" place, etc. We feel like we have to accomplish particular goals before we can experience our "being". We need to get "this degree", or  earn "this amount of money", or have "that space", or be "that age". Sometimes that's common sense. I sure don't want anyone operating on me without the official qualifications. But other times... maybe even most times, we put off our dreams and ambitions for reasons that just don't have to be.

I'm going to try harder to remember to ask children what they "do" now instead of always asking what they want to be "someday".

While I'm at it, I might just look in a mirror, and stop waiting for the perfect place and time to do what can be done today...


Dani said...

She is very talented for kindergarden..hope you save everything...know you will.....its such a fun year of school! I have almost all of the boys things they did way back when.....

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

Great post Linda. I love Rebekah's drawing and she is a great artist! So true what you said.
Thanks for sharing.


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