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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Barn FX

So... This week's "Photo Friday" Challenge was:
'Photoshop Skills'

I sure hope those little ' '  marks meant 'or whatever photo editing program you have' cause this amateur photographer does not own Photohop! I guess they can just delete my link if that's not what the little ' ' marks meant...

I do love fiddling with layers and effects. Though I can't tell you exactly which ones I settled on for this barn image. I know there's some hard light... some overlays... and a whole mess of tweaking exposures, hues, saurations, and focus. I just like playing 'til it has the "feel" I'm searching for. I'm not tyring to win a prize; just enjoying experimenting :)

Here's the original barn shot:

PS... Yes, I know it's not Friday.


Lisa said...

Well Linda Pinda, thanks for finding my blog, I appreciate it when someone finds me and comments, and now I found you...I had to laugh at this post, because I do have photoshop, and can't make it work for me, and layering something, forget it! So I'm going to read some of your posts, and catch up. Thanks so much,


*Linda Pinda* said...

Glad to have "met" in blogland. Thanks for stopping by.


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