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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our "Rock" weekend...

We spent most of the day yesterday at one of our favorite places... Purgatory Chasm. We had gone just a few weeks ago with Caleb's cupscout pack, but our Hannah who LOVES outdoor adventure was not with us because of a prior committment. So, we promised we'd return soon. The bonus was... we brought BIG BROTHER along!!! Josh was amazing. He has spent the last 11 years of his life on all sorts of outdoor activities, and spends a lot of time at the chasm with friends.  He brought the kids up onto high ridges (WAY TOO HIGH), and into deep caves (WAY TOO DEEP). It may have taken a year off my life to watch it all, but I placed my trust in the Lord, and the fact that Josh loves his younger siblings more than life itself. 
To watch him with them is really quite an experience. He is so patient and tender. He got quite a physical workout. And he spent just as much time teaching along the way as guiding their footsteps. Hannah, in particular, loved spending that time with him. And she was able to maneuver some of the trickier caves and passes that were just too much for the younger ones. She enjoyed that trust and freedom. She was in her element with one of her favorite people...

And look who else enjoyed his day exploring the chasm! Jake definately seems to have an adventurous spirit, and just loved every moment "hanging around" with his dad ;)

Saturday afternoon, we headed out to a local "Summerfest Concert" where Josh's band, "Guilty Pleasures" was performing. The music was loud, the crowd was young, and our little family, (double stroller in tow) stuck out like a sore thumb... LOL. But I figure if he could spend time with us rock'n with us on Friday, then we could do the same to support him on Saturday...
You know, it's funny... Like lots of young men, Josh has had his share of rebellion these last couple of years. But watching him on that stage, singing his heart out, I couldn't help but think about his dad and the rock bands he fronted for so many years... or the ardent love of nature and outdoor activity that they share. (shhh.... don't tell him, but they are an awful lot alike ;)...)

It's been quite a rockin' weekend so far. I hope I can find a little quiet space to do some sketching tomorrow... I hear it's going to rain =D


Anonymous said...

Wow! I love Purgatory Chasm. My hubby grew up not far from there. We love to go there when visiting his family. Of course my heart is in my throat most of the time watching the kids climb, so I know what you mean.
Smiles, Debbie

*Linda Pinda* said...

Debbie: That is so cool! It's really such a beautiful place. My son goes in the winter when it's all shrouded in snow and ice. I'd love to see that, but I'd probably end up in the ER!


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