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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Some Art and Giggles... JUST LOOK AT HIS LITTLE FACE!!! LOL...

I thought I'd share a few attempts at actually getting some work done during summer vacation with 3 kids who don't quite "get" mommy works from home, as well as caring for a 10 month old, and 8 month old, and having a house under massive re-order. (translation=6 people camping out in a living room awaiting bedroom reconstruction and decor). Hopefully it will be finished before Hannah leaves for college in 7 years. : P

I've been taking a wonderful mini course with Little Glimpses Studio, which has been a delightful experience. I love challenging myself to make art in ways that are not my usual style. Exploring different techniques, colors, and themes always gets those creative juices flowing!!! Below is my "Storytelling Painting" in which the subject is just "pulled" from the abstract layered background. The process was fun and enlightening. Mystele is a fantastic teacher and inspiration. I would recommend her videos and classes to anyone who loves art and/or wants to learn more as an artist.

"Enter The Journey"... (almost finished... LOL)

Below are some sketches I'm working on for my shops. I've never done so much detailed pencil sketching on canvas. There are things about it I love, and the jury's still out on some others. But I'm excited about the process and looking forward to working more on these later when the kiddos are settled in.

Lastly, I wanted to share my interim studio... AKA the kitchen table. As soon as we are re-established upstairs in our bedrooms, we will be reorganizing rooms downstairs. The family/play room will become my studio. I CANNOT WAIT!!! But until then, I work where I can... sometimes the sitting room (which will become the new living room). And when it's really hot... the kitchen (where the only air conditioner is).

You can see that no amount of special effects could make this any prettier... LOL! Yes... those are dishes in the sink, and on the counter. Yes, those are baby bottles drying on the rack behind Jake. Yes, that is peanut butter right beside my easel... yes, right near the portable cheerios that I keep digging into to appease Jake. And yes... that "IS" Jake looking at me like he has had ENOUGH of this!!! (I love that rascally boy).

Oh, just a sidenote... See those cupboards over Jake's shoulders? Ya. Those are the ONLY cupboards in our entire kitchen! Yep. True. And to boot.... the drawers below the counter are broken, and useless. (Gonna take a cue from Miss Mustard Seed). I figure if she can take useless drawers out of bureaus and create this lovely shelving unit, I can do something similar with these old cupboard drawers!

Not sure why I love this old house... but I do. And if I never win the lottery and buy that big ol' lake house... that's ok. As long as there's a little roof over us where we can paint, sew, sing, and play goofy games together, I'll be happy.

Of course... if you're reading this Mike... I'll be lots MORE happy when I've got my studio... ;)
Love you, Sweetie xoxo

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Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

You have got an extremely busy but wonderfully blessed home! I have no idea how you get any creating done but for the grace of GOD. Bless you in your artistic ventures!


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