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Monday, March 26, 2012

My New Blog!

(Click the graphic to visit my new site)
Am I excited? Am I sad? I guess I'm a little bit of both. But in keeping with my word for 2012, ACTION, it's time to move forward.

I've been trying to wear a lot of hats, and juggle a lot of ideas. But in the end, I always knew that the day would come when "Linda Pinda Designs" wouldn't be the identity I'd want  to work under anymore. I chose that business name when graphic designs were my business focus. And I do believe those days are long behind me. I love to dabble with graphic design, but mostly for my own sites, and work for friends.  I want to keep the focus on original art.

While Mike and I have worked under the name Glitter & Grunge Studio for a while, I think it's time to call it home. Our little studio/home is such a living "Glitter & Grunge" tribute. Built before the turn of the century (the last one, not this one... LOL), there's a whole lot of old and grungy mingled with the magic of love, life and lots and lots of art.

The other neat part of working as Glitter & Grunge Studio is that so many different artistic expressions take place under our little roof, and now they can all call this one business "home" as well. Our main site, Glitter and Grunge Studio dot com will house those seperate endeavors on seperate blog pages. There's one for my art, one for Mike's music, and one for my writing. So, folks can pick and choose what they want to follow. I hope my art friends will all hop on over to my new art blog and follow me there. I have sooooooo enjoyed these last 4 years of making friends in the blog world.

I will still use the artist name Linda Pinda in honor of my mom. And it does help to sift me out easier among the many online "Lindas".

Thank you all for supporting Linda Pinda Designs and for being my friend :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

A New Abstract / Mixed Media Painting!

I have been drawn more and more to abstract art this last year. I'm particularly enjoying combining the free-spirited shapes and colors with layered mixed media elements. This piece is a very intimate expression of my life poured out on the canvas. I really loved watching it evolve. I hope you like it too :)
"From one generation to the next, the song of life is sung; a melody of love and laughter, faith and family, wishes and dreams... searching for a home to share the precious time we have together."




Thursday, February 9, 2012

Etsy Shop Update... New Prints!

I just listed a new batch of prints!
Click on the image to see them all.
Thank You

Monday, February 6, 2012

New Painting and Family Fun!

Ahhhh.... Now that was what a weekend is supposed to feel like!
Ok, so "maybe" it would have felt a "little" better if the Patriots would have won ;) But it was still great. It was a rare weekend with no obligations. (Or at least none I remembered... LOL). We spent a lot of time just being together. The kids played games, watched movies, practiced their instruments, etc. I got some work accomplished. We all enjoyed going to church together. We had a blast watching the superbowl and munching on yummy snacks. And we did a lot of painting!

It was Jacob's first experience enjoying the exploration of "wet colors" and he sure loved it! One of his little abstracts will surely be framed and join the other kids' work on our wall. I was amazed at how controlled he was. I thought I'd have a huge mess on my hands, but he was actually quite serious about the work he was doing. Here's a shot of him concentrating:

Too cute, if I do say so myself ;)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I even managed to finish up a painting, and I just got it listed!

"Love is not blind. It chooses to see with new eyes."
(click the photo for details!)

I haven't painted over fabric in long time. I really enjoyed it and love the textures it creates. Makes me want to get back to work on some dollie ideas that have been dancing around in my head.

Hopefully I'll have some more work finished up soon. I've got about 6 canvases prepped and started. But I've got about 6 people all pulling on my apron strings at the same time, so it's still slow going :)

"Love" and Peace to you all, my friends...


Monday, January 9, 2012

Featured in Create With Me!

Over the moon excited to share some FAB news with all my blogland friends! I submitted an article to Create With Me magazine back in September. And today I picked up the winter issue at Michael's. I was floored to discover that the article about Rebekah and I was featured in a 4 page spread. Wowza.

Now, I love each step on this art/business journey. Each one is a thrill. But this one... This one rocks more than usual. You see.... Rebekah and I have been through a lot together. I was pregnant for her when my mom was sick and dying of cancer. My baby kept me strong for my mama. Her name was the last one my mother ever spoke in this world... a gift she left to her unborn, yet already treasured grandaughter.

Then, after Rebekah was born, my psoriatic arthritis returned with a hideous vengeance. My body was wracked with pain, and I could not control my legs, arms, or hands. It was a nightmare. But my amazing husband took charge of everyone and everything else in our life, while I focussed on our baby. I needed pillows propped to nurse her because I was unable to hold her securely.

During those scarey days, I refused to give in. I stayed up nights with her on my lap, and learned graphic design and HTML. I started a new artistic career selling ebay templates since I was unable to create handmade items.

As time went on, and I was no longer nursing, I was able to return to weekly Enbrel injections. It took a long time for my hands to be limber enough to work again. But once I could, we set up my workshop area, and I began working on dolls and other prim items again. Rebekah was by my side day in and day out. She would sit at my desk, and pretty much run the show. She reminded me of all the joys and wonders in the little every day things, as only a little girl can. The more I discovered the little girl in me, the more whimsical my art became. (I say discover and not REdiscover because I think I left behind my childhood at about age 7. Thought I was all grown up, and wanted nothing to do with childish nonsense. What a goober I was!!!)

As the years passed by, Rebekah continued to be my #1 fan, constant companion, and contributing assistant. She would work in her own sketchbook, and always wanted me to use her work in my mixed media pieces. As this evolved, we worked more and more steadily together. And as you can read in the article, it was Rebekah who inspired the entire "Wherever You Are Is My Home" series we create together, and with the rest of our little clan :)

So... although every milestone is exciting. And every publication is special. This one is a gift to my heart, and I hope to Rebekah's. I can honestly say I would not be working at this artful dream without her inspiration and patience. And it's a dream come true to share this special Create With Me article with her.

Speaking of dreams come true. Remember my New Year's "resolution"? ACTION!!! That one little word has had big consequences in my life. Try it!!! Let go of everything that is holding you back. It's more than believing in yourself. It's moving forward, even in doubt. It's growing, accomplishing, learning, BEING all we are created to be. ACTION... a good word.

I also have a painting in the Somerset Studio January/February 2012 issue! So cool to be there among so many friends, teachers, and admired artists! I love, loVE, LOVE this online art community!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Paintings and an "artsy doo"...


~3 New Paintings Listed Today~
Check them out in our Hallowed Hill Shop.
And while I was busy photographing and listing
My girls were busy too...
giving the little one a new doo.
I've got my own "Whoo Girl" now!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year's "Resolution"...

We all think about resolutions at this time of year. Sadly, I've read more and more folks posting on blogs and social network sites, that they have abandoned New Year's resolutions. I understand the motive. As many have explained, those darned resolutions set us up for failure. We defeat ourselves before we even begin by making a huge list of things we want to improve upon "this year". Usually, it's a lifelong challenge, but this is the year, we resolve to finally beat it.

No wonder we fail.

And what a shame that we begin the year by focusing on our weaknesses. That's not really a positive way to start anything, now is it?

Though, something about abandoning resolutions really tears at my heartstrings. There's something good about reflecting, and commiting on growing. I, personally, believe that growth is essential right up until the moment of death in order for us to live a fulfilled life. I like the idea of never giving up on myself in areas where I know I ought to "do better".

Wishes, Dreams, Plans... Those are all great.  But without a little resolve, most of us never graduate past the dream stage. And what good is a dream that doesn't come true? I want my reality to be my "dream life". And for the most part it is. But that is totally the result of dreams+resolve=Living that dream.

So.... as I've pondered this thoroughly, I've come to some conclusions...

I am convinced that we fail at our resolutions because all we do is focus on the negatives, but have no plan... no goal as to HOW to turn those into positives. I think rather than focus on the negative things we want to avoid, or change, we should focus on what positive thing we can focus on to be all that we "dream" we can be.

I've been thinking about my typical resolution lists over the years. Usually they have the same biggies on them. Rather than looking at them individually, I tried to discover the root cause. Then, instead of focusing on that cause, I decided to find the virtue, or practice... good habit, you might say... that would best aid in the overcoming of the challenges I want to conquer.

I've combined that thought process with what some of my friends have done the past couple of years... adopting a "word" to live by. In fact, it's a word that has popped into my life many times this past year. And I've already put it to practice a few times, and seen amazing results. My word for 2012 is:

sparkle -

When I'm feeling lazy,
When I'm stuck in creative cement because of undue perfectionism,
When I'm feeling an attack of insecurity
When I'm floundering on decisions...
will be the word I use as a prompt to inspire me.

That is my resolve for 2012... To take action.

Ironically, 2011 has catapulted me into this mindset. There are some major uncertainties awaiting me in the coming weeks. I am a bit scared. But I know that no matter what happens, it will require action. And I am resolved not to lose focus, or lose heart. One of my favorite movies ever is Meet The Robinsons. Two great lessons are merged, which are such gifts to live by. One is "letting go", and the other is that as long as you keep at it, there's no such thing as failure... just another step in the process of learning what works and what doesn't. So, even if things should not turned out as I hope and pray... I will pull up my big girl bloomers, and take action to make things better. All we can do is move forward. And I intend to do that with gusto in 2012.
This is the second year, that my resolution is more of a theme, you might say. For 2011, I chose the serenity prayer. I must share that it had miraculous affects on me. In every situation, I was able to remember that prayer, and let go of what I couldn't change, immediately! It's true! No wallowing on useless worries, etc. What a gift! And I was able to focus my strength on dealing with the things I could change. It's the ultimate "choose your battles" prayer. And it got me through some tough times with true grace. I've decided to keep it as my life's motto.

"Happy New Year"
Dear Friends.
I pray you all have a 2012
overflowing with blessings and joy.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NEW! Prints are now being offered in our Shop!


We are now offering prints of our various mixed media paintings
in our Etsy Shop! We'll be adding more regularly, so keep checking in!


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Shop Update!

I just added these 3 Clay House Pendants to our
Hallowed Hill Etsy Shop!
Just click on the photos to visit the shop...

All 3 pendants include the 18" black ribbon/cord with lobster clasps!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Shop Update!

Listed 3 new paintings in our Hallowed Hill Shop tonight :)
"St. Rose Of Lima"
(Click for details and/or to purchase)
"Sing A New Song"
(Click for details and/or purchase)

"A Faithful Friend"
SOLD(Thank You)


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