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Saturday, September 25, 2010

"The Whole World In My Hands"

You know that feeling? Every mommy has it every now and again... "will this baby ever just fall asleep, so I can actually get something done today?" So, we tend to his every need.... fed? yep. diaper changed. uh ha. Pacifier in place? absolutely!  We hum, we dance, we cuddle. Then... just when we're about to give up, we feel that undeniable heaviness that sets in. AAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhh.... he's getting comfy. He leans back, and nuzzles in. Then he takes my hand and cups it on his sweet little face. I kiss his temple, and he giggles that tired little giggle. Then... at last... he drifts off to dreamland... cheek resting in my palm.

So... what's a mom to do? A house in need of an overhaul. Laundry reproducing in the hamper. A crockpot waiting to be filled. And a canvas; stark white... longing to become "something".

But suddenly... there's no place else in the world a mommy would rather be. And there's no activity quite as pressing as watching my baby sleep, knowing he's safe in the palm of my hand...

This "Snapshot Saturday" photo credit goes to my hubby ;)


Anonymous said...

Very very cute, Linda! His hair got so long!

Flor Larios Art said...

Beautiful photo and words!

Thank you so much for leaving a nice comment on my interview and blog!

colleens craft shed said...

Love the picture Linda, those are the times we Mom's treasure!

vivian said...

awww! sweet photo Linda. precious baby.. I remember those days, sometimes you just feel like holding them forever!
have a great week!

Anonymous said...

darling. just darling


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