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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Free "Captured Fairy" Drawing


Years ago, when I started selling my work on Ebay, I could never have dreamed what I was embarking on. I had never heard of "Ebay Groups"... never knew there was such a thing as an "online artists community". I never imagined that it would be possible to work alone... and with hundreds of other inspiring people all at the same time :D

It has been the most wonderful blessing to meet so many talented artists, and I am thankful to continue discovering new friends and artists along the way.

Recently, I "met" Lenae May over at Creating The Hive. One day, she posted about her wonderful feature in Somerset Studio.  The moment I saw her "Captured Fairies", it was love at first sight! I've been picturing the little nook to hang one in when my studio is finished :D

So, I was very excited today when I read that Lenae was hosting a free drawing on her blog for one of her captured fairies!!! Ok... I've got to admit My first impulse was to post about it here, as I do with all my friends' give-a-ways, but a close second impulse was to keep it as secret as possible to keep the names in the hat at a minimal. I also considered opening a few more blogs just to leave more comments ;) But... alas... we online gals and guys have to stick together and spread the word about each others' goodies.... so... Here's the link to Lenae's Wonderful give-a-way. I know whoever wins will be thrilled to welcome such a little treasure into their home :)


1 comment:

Cheryl said...

I am doing a whole entire fairy Christmas tree! I even have that little fella!


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