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Friday, August 27, 2010

Great Art Give-A-Way!!!

Actually, this give-a-way is also a great way for me to kick off a series of posts I've been wanting to start themed "Friday Finds".  I am just so in awe of the talent I see in so many areas online from cooking to home improvement/upscaling, sewing, and of course... art! I'd like to showcase different shops and/or artisans who really capture everything I love about this wonderful online community. It will also be a great time and place for me to show off some vintage/antique goodies I find in local nooks and crannies :)
So... My First "Friday Find", is a wonderful artist who I met this week over at Creating The Hive. Hilary owns and operates Sea Beacon Art. The moment I saw her work, it touched my soul. Many of her paintings are inspired by her love of Newfoundland. The rugged land and seascapes make me think of our New England coastline... dotted with little fishing boats and cottages along the sandy shores..... I feel as though I could step right into one of her paintings and be "at home". Her painting style is very different from mine, and I guess I am drawn to that as well. Sometimes I wish I could paint more like that. But then I remind myself that we all have our unique styles and that's what makes visual art all the more interesting.
Here's a Link to Hilary's Etsy Shop: Sea Beacon Art
Many of you may already know of Hilary's art, but I am very excited to have "found" her this week. I can't wait to bring one of her paintings home to live on my wall! Speaking of which, she's got an incredible give-a-way going on right now. Don't miss it!!! Chances to win original art don't come along every day. So, head on over and leave a comment and/or become a follower of Hilary's blog to be entered in the drawing for her Art Give-A-Way.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much again Linda!

I grabbed your little link :)

You are now a part of Sea Beacon Art



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