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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A New Year...

So... last year, I had a mile long list of lofty New Year's Resolutions. Less than a month later, I discovered I was pregnant with our 6th child. 2 months after that, I learned my oldest daughter was expecting her first baby, our first grandchild. Besides those two joyful albeit, life changing, events we had our share of fiscal and other challenging events including battling swine flu. Needless to say, my resolutions dissolved into "keeping it together" and trying to keep our life as normal as possible for our 3 youngest children.

In hindsight, it was all an amazing part of the journey. We pulled together as a family, and all made sacrifices for one another. We are blessed with incredible friends and family who laughed with us and were there to lean on too. And, of course, as always, our faith was the core that not only sustained us, but enabled us to see with new eyes, and appreciate the gifts that were "hidden" behind some of the challenges.

Now, here we are... January, 2010. Our son, Jacob is the sweetest little baby boy in the world. Our 3 week old, grand-daughter, Adleigh, is a beautiful blessing. And we have certainly come to appreciate that while we are overflowing our 110 year old, fixer-upper of a home it is home. And we are grateful for what we have.

Looking back, I think I might be most thankful for the laughter we seem to always share, no matter what.

And now... forward.

No resolutions this time, except to resolve on a daily basis to be open to God's will in all things, and to pray continually "create in me a clean heart, Oh Lord". A clean heart is the best canvas to work on. And I am presently very excited about all of the inspirations I have to create, as well as very excited about being an ongoing creation, myself.

May 2010 be a fulfilling year of growth for all of us.
Peace & Hugs...


vivian said...

hi Linda! great post. Congratulations on the new babies in your vamily! YOur sweet baby boy is an uncle already! They'll love talking about that when they get older!
happy new year!

mindy said...

beautifully said Linda, and all so very true! hugs and prayers as we all go boldly forward into this new year of blessings!~Mindy~

Mary said...

Congratulations on a new baby and a grand-baby!! How wonderful!!

I found my way here by Create by Faith. Welcome!!

I too live in an old home. It was built in 1850, and while I love it, today it is a bit drafty!!! I can feel the cold air coming through the old floor boards - but I just cannot cover them up!!! I guess we will have to add some additional insulation!!!

Dena E's Blog said...

Beautiful blog and lovely writings Linda. Came across you by way of create by faith. Its goog to have you there and really enjoy your blog. Hope to get to know you better. Big Hugs Dena

Lucy said...

This isn't a comment about your post per se, so you don't need to publish it. I just wanted to invite you to "Kids say the darndest things Friday" blog hop at:

We’d love to have you join the fun and share your stories. I’m sure that you have some real gems! We are also hosting Pro-Life Tuesdays!

Also--we're on Etsy too! We just started an Etsy team called Catholic Etsy Artists Guild. You can join us at google groups. :)

In Christ,

RabbitHollowPrims said...

Hey Linda come and get your award on my blog when you get a chance :)



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