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Saturday, November 21, 2009

I've been away from my blogging and websites for a wee bit longer than I intended, but it's been good. My life has been taking me on a course of healing, renewal, and growth. Expecting a baby has a way of making a woman hyper-focus on life, family, and home, which is something I really needed. This pregnancy was not the easiest of journeys, but it was so rewarding as I did come to learn some lessons along the way, and I, of course, have the most precious gift in my little boy, Jacob Gideon, who is already 6 weeks old! He is too sweet, and we are all desperately in love with him =)
I am also about to reach a major milestone in my life as I am about to become a grandmother for the first time!!! My beautiful daughter, Sarah, is expecting a baby girl next month. I can hardly wait to start this next chapter in our family, and of course, I may be MIA from blogland as the days draw closer and my daughter needs me.
Throughout the months of pregnancy and then the weeks of recovery, I've undergone a bit of a metamorphosis. It's been a little easier to focus on the things that really matter to me, and the things that I just want to let go of. It seems the more I felt led to learn new things and allow myself to discover what creative endeavors really bring me joy, the more the Lord confirmed these things in the grandest and smallest of ways.
I have found many wonderful creative sites which have inspired me to really embrace this new path in my life. And I am looking forward to promoting them and other inspiring/creative sites.
I am also excited that my husband and I are beginning a new venture where I will continue to work with primitives. For years, we have been songwriting together, and occassionally, Mike would dabble in some clay work with me. But we have really been putting our hearts and heads together to plan a new structure for our primitive/folk art business. I cannot wait to share all the links with you once the finishing touches are made. I will be offering graphics from that site, once it is all organized.
In the meantime, Linda*Pinda*Designs will be where I can "channel" all of my personal creative expressions. And I also look forward to exploring new techniques, as well as old ones I've been putting on the back burner for way too long.
There is almost too much going on in my head to put it all into words right now, so I'll just say "It's good to be back"! And I look forward to creating and sharing with all of my online artist friends once again. I've missed you!!!

P.S. Because I changed the format of my blog template, many of the links have to be re-added, so I am getting to them a couple at a time! So, not all of my sites and friends' sites are added just yet. I'll get to them =)


naomisnotions said...

I love the NEW look of your blog!!! Great job my friend!

I can't wait to see what new things you've discovered!!! You always amaze me!

Love that baby, he is so gosh darn cute! ((HUGS))


Gollywobbles said...

It was so heartwarming to visit your blog, and "catch up" with your life. I have missed you! Your little precious peanut is incredible! Love, ~Sam

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.


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