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Monday, February 6, 2012

New Painting and Family Fun!

Ahhhh.... Now that was what a weekend is supposed to feel like!
Ok, so "maybe" it would have felt a "little" better if the Patriots would have won ;) But it was still great. It was a rare weekend with no obligations. (Or at least none I remembered... LOL). We spent a lot of time just being together. The kids played games, watched movies, practiced their instruments, etc. I got some work accomplished. We all enjoyed going to church together. We had a blast watching the superbowl and munching on yummy snacks. And we did a lot of painting!

It was Jacob's first experience enjoying the exploration of "wet colors" and he sure loved it! One of his little abstracts will surely be framed and join the other kids' work on our wall. I was amazed at how controlled he was. I thought I'd have a huge mess on my hands, but he was actually quite serious about the work he was doing. Here's a shot of him concentrating:

Too cute, if I do say so myself ;)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I even managed to finish up a painting, and I just got it listed!

"Love is not blind. It chooses to see with new eyes."
(click the photo for details!)

I haven't painted over fabric in long time. I really enjoyed it and love the textures it creates. Makes me want to get back to work on some dollie ideas that have been dancing around in my head.

Hopefully I'll have some more work finished up soon. I've got about 6 canvases prepped and started. But I've got about 6 people all pulling on my apron strings at the same time, so it's still slow going :)

"Love" and Peace to you all, my friends...


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