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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


When I found the photograph above on, I knew I wanted to make Rebekah a similar one for her birthday. The kids had just been chatting about how the ol' tire swing broke, and they wanted to replace it with a swing because the tire was more difficult to control. I asked my dad to cut a couple of boards. One would be all "girlied-up" for Bekah's birthday, and the other could stay "old school" style for Hannah. I think Caleb wants another tire strung up for him :)

My dad did a great job cutting, drilling, and sanding it just right for a princess "bottom". Mike strung it all up with strong and attractived knotting. And I did the hard work of spray painting it pink and adding the ribbons. I know. I know. Don't feel too bad for me ;)

I think it came out pretty darn tootin' cute! (Yes, the grass has all died from the nine million kids who play in that area of the yard every day.) That'll be a project for another post ;)

What do ya' think?

She likes it!!!
It has a much longer swing distance than
the ones on the kids' swingset!
If you're interested... It's a piece of 9"x21"x1.5" board. Dad softened the corners, and sanded it well. Then he drilled 1/2" holes, one inch from the edge. Mike bought a 1/2" cotton/poly blend rope. We needed 40' for the branch we chose. (Important to choose a very strong branch, of course) We spray painted it with a satin finish, ballet slipper pink, indoor/outoor paint. We measured Rebekah's leg "reach" to decide the height from the ground. Then we strung it up with non slipping knots and adorned it with coordinating ribbons.


Kelly said...

Love it Linda!! My girls would LOVE this swing. Awesome job!

vivian said...

LOVE the swing linda!! I'm going to have my hubby make me one!!
thanks for sharing!


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