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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Etsy treasuries... For some, they are a coveted goal... others just don't care, or don't get it. I didn't quite get the importance of them even when it was clear I was becoming  addicted to creating them :)

But the more I research, the more I discover that the folks who aspire to be in treasuries are not egotistical artists who like to see their work in pretty collections... they are hard working business men and women, who take full advantage of every tool available to them. And when Etsy avails this free marketing tool that weilds such power when used skillfully and optimally... why not?

You see... the goal is not to "be" in a treasury. The goal is to be in a treasury that makes the front page of Etsy. We've all read the Etsy success stories. Seller after seller sharing their stories of hard work, quality of items, committment of time and energy... Oh... and if their item hits the front page..... they went from virtually unknown to getting thousands of clicks in their shops!

That's the power of a front page treasury. Folks go to Etsy dot com, and what's the first thing they see? A collection of items at the top of the page... A treasury. Etsy staff members choose treasuries that have some kind of "wow factor"... something that draws the shopper in to the "inner pages" of Etsy.

I chose the treasury below to make a point. This was the Front Page treasury this morning, July 26th, 2011. It's lovely. But it was the 3rd photo in the top row that hit home with me. Gorgeous, isn't it? It's almost dreamy... poetic... What's the seller offering? Five used forks. Yep. Five forks... not even half as pretty as some I've seen. Silver "plated" at that. Yet, the shop reached the front page of Etsy... a position many thousands of Etsy sellers would wish, hope, and pray for to get more exposure for their shops. Why is this seller's listing for 5 used, silver plated forks on the front page? Well... there could be a variety of reasons. But I can tell you one of them right off the bat. It goes back to my first comment about the listing.... Gorgeous.

At first glance, one thinks this is a listing for an artistic photograph. Then the potential buyer is already hooked and looks deeper to discover that it's the charming forks that are for sale. Now, we are drawn in. I wanted to see what other treasures were available. And sure enough, the shop is filled with beautiful images of items I didn't know I had to have just moments earlier. But now I do.

Photography is centrally important to the Etsy selling experience. There are tons of tutorials offered on Etsy's site, as well as all over the internet about photographing items for sale online. Every seller should study a few, and take time to put the skills into practice.

Now, there are other ways sellers work to heighten their potential to get their work/items to the Etsy front page. There are teams set up just for treasuries. And the more treasuries one is in, the more likely a shop owner is to get to the front page. But in the end, it's having good shots that will get items chosen for treasuries. And it's the eye catching treasuries chosen by the Etsy team for the front page.

I suppose that luck too, plays it's part. But from what I've seen, the "luckiest" Etsy sellers are the ones who put the most blood, sweat, and tears into their business. Taking the time to photograph your work/items well, and taking the time to take advantage of marketing tools can make a big difference.

None of us can list 3 items, sit back, and then wonder why we never make a sale. It's quality, consistency, and committment that bring Etsy sellers to the next level. So, let's grab those cameras and play a little!

'mi casa es su casa' by GRIGORATOS

















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