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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Work-A-Day Wednesday

It feels so good to have a work table full of projects again! The little ones are getting to the point where they amuse themselves for more than 30 seconds at a time. And Mike's been my "bouncer" keeping distractions away from my workroom during "working hours". It's so hard because they all love to "help" and be creative. But they are learning that there are times when they can help, and times when Mama just needs to focus on the work.

This week's work table has a folk art doll and a few paintings in progress. I'm trying to take a tip from an online friend and teacher, Mystele of Little Glimpses. She teaches a lot of classes on what she calls "gut art", and story telling through art. I'm trying to "listen" to the canvas, and let the inspiration come from within the layers, without any expectations of what the finished product "should" be. In some ways I'm loving it. But it's new for me. And the finished product of a girl I just worked on is not what I envisioned at all. I can see that this could be fun. I just have to let go of coming to the table with any visions... LOL. This way of painting allows me to use many more colors then I usually do, and I really love that. I don't worry about the "norms", and just have a blast with all the paints, pastes, brushes, and fingers :)

I still prefer working in graphite with a color wash, so I'm sure those will not disappear, but it's good to explore. My girls think this latest painting looks like a mermaid, so even though that was not my original intention, we may go with that... LOL!


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