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Friday, April 15, 2011

Mind, Body, and Soul...

I can't even believe it's been over a month since my last post. But it is what it is. For me, it was already a reflective time... Lent. I've always loved the "stripping away" of that season, and refocussing on how I am... or am not... living my life with and for Christ. But then, when something happens on the scale of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, and the lingering nuclear crisis... I don't know. The immense suffering is so crushing. I find it hard to make small talk about vintage goodies and cloth dolls. Don't get me wrong. These things are part of my work. And I've seen folks share a lot of love and charity through such things, especially through blogging. But, at this moment in time, for this particular artsy lady, every word I've tried to utter has felt petty in light of the knowledge that moms are holding their babies tight on the other side of the planet praying the power plant miles away won't blow. I've been holding my Jake a little tighter too, and praying for those babies and their mamas.
But, I haven't been in some depressed funk either. I've been working, and doing A LOT of cleaning and reorganizing here at home. I just haven't felt "chatty".  In fact, the combination of the spiritual journey of Lent mingling with the keen awareness of what really matters brought on by world events, has really kicked my butt into finally dealing with the unfinished business of moving into this house. Since we've lived here 10 years, it's about time, don't you think? For about a year, my arthritis kept me from being able to go upstairs to the second floor. In that time, it became the catch all for .... everything!!! So, an entire level of our home was demoted from bedrooms to storage to junk heap. I'm finally facing it all, and basically tossing, tossing, tossing, and more tossing. It feels really good to let go of so many things that I have held on to for way too many years, as well as things that I unwillingly inherited from everyone who needed a place to dump what they didn't have the heart to discard.  My idea of what is precious has changed dramatically. It feels so good to be making our house into a home... finally.
I've also been making some personal changes. My artist friend, Robin, had been posting about this eating plan she was on. It's the McDougall Program. It was making amazing changes in her life, including reversing her type 2 diabetes. Then one day she posted about her dad being healed of his psoriatic arthritis over 30 years ago. My attention peeked up. I visited the site, and thought it would be too hard and/or impossible for me, as I have always been a passionate carnivore, and this is a plant based diet. But she challenged me to the "12 Day Challenge". And you know what? By day 2, I knew there was something to this. By day 11, I was a different person. I've gone from taking 12 pills a day to none. I had horrible acid reflux for which I took Prilosec every morning, then still needed Tums, yet was still awake all night with painful reflux. By the end of day 2, the acid reflux was GONE, and I was taking no meds.  I had suffered from allergies for over 20 years, and had taken sudaphedrin and sinus pain meds daily for 20 years to combat them. By day 2 the symptoms were gone, and I needed ZERO meds. Apparently it was not allergies at all, but the effects of dairy products causing what millions of people and their MDs assume are allergies. I am also sleeping like a baby for the first time in MANY years. Then of course... there's my psoriasis and arthritis. At first, both seemed to be in a miraculous remission. Now, I am experiencing a bit of a flare up, so the next step is to discover what particular foods are triggers for me. I had no clue that the nightshade family of plants were arthritis triggers. Unfortunately, this includes both tomatoes and potatos, which were staples in my new daily routine. I can't say this part is fun, but having experienced the immense changes, I can say it's worth the effort to feel so healthy again, and not need the medications, especially the toxic Enbrel injections.  On the weight aspect of it, I've lost 7 pounds since starting, but my husband has lost 12 pounds and is looking good!!! It's encouraging to do all this together.
So, what else is going on? The great new diet has given me energy and naturally caused weight loss. This has been such wonderful incentive to add exercize into my daily routine. I started off with Zumba. LOVE it!!! Once you get into the flow of the music and the moves, it is soooo easy, and soooooo energizing!!! Love, Love, Love the strength and energy exercize gives! My daughter just brought me one of her Turbo Jam DVD's, so I'll introduce that this week too. The toddlers are loving "dancing" with mumzie!!! LOL
I guess this past 40 days has been full of unexpected surprises.  An extreme makeover of  Spirit, Home, and Body! I haven't been creating as much as I'd like to, but getting the house in order is very inspiring, and I'm enjoying the artistic aspects of that end of things as well as looking forward to finally having my studio space finished and ready to get to work!!!
Taking a soldering class with Miss Suzi Blu and Margo, and looking forward to getting more artwork under glass soon! Just got all my new supplies in, and can't wait to get my hands dirty :)

If you'd like to check out the diet/program I am on, click on the link below. Dr. McDougall has been researching this for over 30 years, and the results are compelling. Then there are the testimonies of REAL people... people I actually know...  Not to mention my own experience is enough to keep me going! And did I mention it's free? That's right. Free!!!
Unlike a lot of online diets promising miraculous results, Dr. McDougall actually wants everyone in the world to have the same opportunity to learn about what is healthy and what is potentially harmful to our bodies. He sells books, videos, and other "stuff", which folks are able to choose if they wish to, but none of it is necessary in order to learn all the basics of this diet.  And there are no pills, magic vitamins, etc.
It's just all about healthy eating...
McDougall Free Program


priest's wife said...

I'm going to check the diet out...

vivian said...

HI Linda! I had noticed you were missing. I agree its so very hard to think about the suffering in Japan. I cant bare the thought of whole families being devastated. I guess my creative energies are also an escape mechanism from reality.. so I cope a little differently then you.. except for the prayer part. I do a lot of that. I was doing weightwatchers faithfully last year adn lost 55 pounds and felt great.. no heartburn no meds! but have slowly drifted back into old eating habits. I keep saying I'm back on.. but have had trouble with staying on!!
I hope you and your family have a blessed easter!

*Linda Pinda* said...

Viv, I agree about the creating part! I've been creating, just not feeling chatty, so I haven't been blogging. Of course, my husband would disagree about me not being chatty and probably wished I would gab someone else's ear off for a change... LOL!



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