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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Caution... Pathetic Mom Bragging Ahead...

When I downloaded this picture, and saw it up close and personal, I knew I just had to post this one for all of Rebekah's NEPG Aunties :)

Figured since you all shared with me in sending my sweet pea off to her first day of kindergarten, I'd share an update on how she's doing...

She's been doing fantastic, and loves every aspect of school. She was absent for a couple of days with that virus going through our house, but when she went back today... She found out she was "Student Of The Month" for September!!!

Guess any hopes that she'd hate it all and want to stay home with me forever are sliding further and further back into my fantasies vault.

I know this photo tells a different tale... LOL! This was her first day of school; later in the afternoon. She didn't have homework, so she was "pretending" to do some. I took about a hundred pictures and we got pretty silly... This was one of her academy award winning attempts at homework misery. Yes. That is dirt all over her face. A girls got to play in the dirt a little before snacktime, doesn't she???

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vivian said...

sweet little girl! I used to play school for hours! But I always had to be the teacher. looking back I feel bad for anyone that had to be my students.. because I made up my own math and they just could never get it right! lol!
sweet dreams!


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