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Saturday, October 2, 2010

"Adleigh and Jake" / Snapshot Saturday

This Snapshot Saturday photo is one straight out of the cell phone camera!  You know I have a "thing" for black and white and/or effects, but this photo really is a "snapshot" into my every day life, bright colors and all :)

As you can see, a few months makes a big difference, and the two months that seperate my son, Jacob and my grandaughter, Adleigh have begun to get less and less obvious. We've grown tired of correcting folks who bless us on our twins, and just smile at each other. Funny thing is... they  look almost exactly like our twins, Joshua and Sarah (Adleigh's mom), did 22 years ago...

What I really love about this picture is that it is "so them". No posing... just two sweeties enjoying a late summer afternoon, side by side. Adleigh's sweet smiling eyes, and Jacob's extreme joy just bursting out in his wide open expression.

As I sit to type this, Adleigh is napping, and Jacob is nudging her... trying to wake her. They love each other, and it's getting really fun to watch them interact. They crack each other, and themselves up with the simplest little things. I could watch them all day, and it's a good thing, because that's pretty much what I do all day!

Fortunately, today I also have my new Prims Magazine to peruse while they crawl, toddle, and climb all over the playroom. (I dragged my 3 daughters and my grandaughter out in a tropical rainstorm to get it last night... LOL!) I love seeing so many of my friends' work in this edition!!! Sooooooo prim perfect!!!

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